Instagram Post Ideas To Level Up Your Brand

Instagram is the highest leading social media app in the digital world. The average rate of Instagram engagement for brands is less than 1%. It is essential to know which type of content to create, when, and why. From feed posts to reels, and IGTV, there are so many ways to reach an audience on Instagram. Each type of content has a different algorithm to generate followers and engagement and convert the audience into customers. The main strategy to increase the brand’s visibility, post content consistently on Instagram to maximize audience interaction. This blog article will give you an ultimate guide on four types of Instagram posts for better engagement. 

Carousel posts contain more than one photo or video; users can swipe left to view posts. You can add up to 10 photos or videos in one post to improve the chance of sales and conversions. Carousel posts boost engagement rates more than normal photos or videos. Carousel’s goal is to grab viewers’ attention and keep them swiping the slides to see subsequent posts. Here are three types of carousels to post on Instagram.

  • Creative Photos- A collection of creative photos can serve as a mood board. Carousel allows you to show the creative vibe of your brand or product rather than a static image or video. 
  • Educational Content- With infographics and text-based posts, carousel posts can serve as informational content. These posts can make your viewers spend time on your Instagram posts. 
  • Interactive Posts- Carousel posts encourage the audience to interact with your posts. Questions, quizzes, and slideshows can be creative for the audience to engage.


Reels are short-form content with creative features that allow you to take videos up to 90 seconds. Reels have higher engagement and reach a wider audience quickly. You can share tutorial videos, product teasers, and informational content on Instagram reels to get comments that boost video visibility. Reels are more popular than traditional videos; people like to see short videos and want to learn something from you quickly. 

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are an important feature on Instagram that you can post content regularly. Stories will appear at the top of the user’s feed with highlights in your profile. Through Instagram stories, you can target your audience and increase views. You can use features like polls, Q&A stickers, quizzes, emoji slide stickers, and so on to interact with your audience. Use Instagram highlights to save important stories that allow users to see the stories anytime they want and maximize their view. Instagram stories help you to drive valuable interaction and build a strong community with your audience.

User-Generated Content

User-generated content helps to improve your Instagram content strategy. The customer’s feedback has a higher engagement rate as the audience trusts the people’s opinion rather than your brand. Here are two types of user-generated content.

  • Repost customer feedback in your stories- Reposting customers’ posts in your stories are a great way to repurpose UGC and increase its reach. Many brands create separate highlights for customer testimonials to develop the brand’s trust.
  • Use the “Add Yours” sticker- This enables your followers to post their stories relevant to the post you promote. For example, you ask your followers to share their outfits for the day or what they are currently doing. The “Add yours” sticker has more audience interaction and creates a relationship between your followers. 

Wrapping Up

Brands must put their effort and time into creating high-quality content to promote their products or services. Use these four types of Instagram posts and see which content suits your brand and has a higher engagement rate. Track your performance to optimize the content strategy and drive better interaction.